Santa George's Appearance Calendar

December 2020

$300 up to an hour visit until 12/16/2020
$350 from 12/17-12/23
12/24 visits 30-40 minutes
over 25 miles of travel additional 1/2 rate for travel time.

The video calls run between 20-30 minutes long depending on how many children there are. I send a short questionnaire about the children so I can put it in my "Santa's Book of Good Children". I also recite "The Night Before Christmas" and ask about the children's wish lists. When the visit is complete, I send a video via e-mail so it can become a keepsake of the visit. The visits are $150, and you can invite as many people you want to that can watch. They can be anywhere, and you just share the link I send to you with them. Obviously, I am there to interact with the children, but anyone can watch live if that is what you would like. My visit is me in my office at the North Pole and there is a lit fireplace with a twinkling tree and if you look out the windows you can see my toy shop and it is snowing outside. Also, you can see the Northern Lights in the sky. It is a wonderful backdrop. You can see my calendar at and you can visit my web page at I do more than one visit a day and try to keep them 45 minutes to an hour between booking so I can freshen up and be ready for the next. So if there is a visit at 5 I can do another at 6 etc. The only days not open will state it on the calendar. I hope this answers all your questions but please feel free to contact me with any others.
Merry Christmas
Sleigh phone: (401) 309-9540
Workshop: (401) 767-2876

Mrs. Claus limited availability $50-$75 per hour.
Elf limited availability $25 per hour.
1 2 3 4 5
Lincoln Teachers Assoc.
Virtual 5:30

Gagnon Visit
5:30 pm *
Tyler's School Virtual Visit
Choiniere Virtual 10am

Baxter Virtual 11 am

Benn Virtual Visit
Noon *

Woonsocket Stroll recording.
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Grace and Family Virtual Visit 7pm* No Visits today. Camilo Visit 5pm * Desper Virtual Visit 4 pm

McCarty Virtual Visit
5:30 pm

No additional visits today.
North Smithfield
Drive 2:30 - 3:30

Thompson Virtual Visit 5 pm *

Mitchell-Hughes Virtual
Visit 6:30 pm *
Kirkbrae CC Virtual
10:45am - 11:15

RI Special Needs Parents Virtual Visits 3 pm - 7 pm *

13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Tejada Virtual Visit Noon

DRS Global Enterprise Solutions, Inc. Virginia.
Virtual 1-3pm

Gardner Virtual 4 pm *

Kaplan Virtual 5 pm
Thompson/Phillips Virtual Visit
7:30 pm
Matthews Virtual
E. Greenwich 5 pm

Crossroads Virtual
6:30 pm *
Mintz Virtual Visit
2 pm

Parenteau Virtual Visit 5 p.m.
Whitcomb Virtual Visit
4 p.m.

Derfler-Murphy Virtual
5 pm *

Izzo 2020
4 pm Virtual

Hamlin Virtual Visit 5 pm

Carie Visit Virtual
5:30 pm *
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Polak 2020 Virtual
11am Cumberland

StPierre Virtual Visit
4 pm

Orr Virtual Visit
Wojcik Virtual Visit
4 pm

Jackson Virtual Visit
5:pm *

Cardone Virtual Visit 6pm
MacMillan 4 pm Virtual*

Herrarte 5pm
Virtual *

Kenoian Virtual Visit 6pm
Garden Playschool Virtual Visit
10 a.m.

Haemmerle Virtual 5 pm

Arc of Bristol County
Virtual Visit 6 pm *

Falcone Virtual Visit 7pm
Conte No Prov.
12:30 2020 Virtual

Nappa Virtual Visit 2pm

Boudoin Virtual Visit 3 pm *

Stirk Virtual Visit
4 pm

DiBiasio Virtual 5pm

Lloyd Virtual Visit 5:30pm *

Giardino 2020 Virtual
E. Greenwich 6pm

Kloczkowski Virtual 6:45pm *

Mollis Virtual
No. Prov. 7:30pm

Griffin Virtual
8 pm Foxboro
27 28 29 30 31
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